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ICONS among the authors of the study “Life and Biological Sciences and Technologies as Engines for Bio-based Innovation”

A consortium coordinated by Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI and including BTG – Biomass Technology Group and ICONS S.r.l. have elaborated bio-based innovation scenarios for 2030, which depict how the innovation and commercialisation in biological and life sciences and technologies may advance in the EU in the next ten years. Based on the study conclusions, recommendations to R&I policy and decision makers in the EU, Member States and at regional and urban levels will be drawn up.

TExTOUR: new project to design innovative and sustainable cultural tourism strategies

ICONS leads the Commiunication & Dissemination activities of the new EU-funded project TExTOUR which aim is to to design innovative and sustainable cultural tourism strategies to reinforce the socio-economic territorial development of less known areas in Europe and beyond. ICONS is also involved in the design of the exploitation strategies as well as the activities related to upscaling and replication.