A one-stop shop for European researchers and innovators

We design strategies to boost innovation impacts for the benefit of our society, economy and future.

Thanks to our 20+ years’ worth of expertise in working with the European researchers and innovators, we have developed an innovative model able to turn research results into impacts.

Every day we develop and apply effective communication, dissemination, social and business innovation strategies, measured via dedicated and innovative KPIs.

We turn knowledge into growth opportunities for society.

the first step: solutions

Developing and delivering complete solutions to communicate, disseminate and exploit research results.

We provide solutions for the whole lifecycle of a project, from setting up its visual identity to developing business plans for exploitable products.

The delivery of this large set of solutions is just the starting point: we build on these solutions to help researchers and innovators to identify, measure and evaluate the impacts generated by their work.

follow up: generating the impacts

Good stories, right audience.
Active communities, active engagement.
Smart ideas, smart take-ups.

We have an outstanding capacity and a proven track record in generating measurable impacts of research on society in terms of:

  • public awareness, linked to communication activities;
  • social acceptance, generated by the engagement and relations with multiple societal actors and effective and targeted dissemination;
  • uptake, upscale and replication, linked to successful exploitation of research results.

These impacts are easily measured through a series of off-the-shelf metrics and they give a first measure of the quality of the activities undertaken.

the final move: measuring the impacts

Delivering powerful indicators to measure research impacts on key stakeholders and on society.

Going far beyond standard assessment, we have created an innovative and fully quantitative indicator (CEI, Community Engagement Index) to measure the actual stakeholders’ engagement in research activities, taking into account its goals, size, duration and sector.

This indicator merges in real-time outreach and engagement data by applying a proprietary methodology based on original work carried out by our researchers and analysts.

The indicator also represents a powerful guide for the planning of future outreach and engagement strategies.

Our indicator is widely used in European funded research and is being successfully applied in several Horizon2020 projects.