Making the invisible visible


We emphasize the importance of philanthropy in our society, creating and supporting projects for young people to improve their skills in music, arts and humanities.

The engagement of our economic benefits to create direct social value shows philanthropy as a powerful instrument to build a better and more inclusive society.

In our view, philanthropy is an open, connected and dynamic process, not limited to our own initiatives, but actively promoting the creation of a new cultural development model involving citizens, companies, organisations and society at large.

Our challenge is to increase the engagement base of individuals in philanthropic schemes that support cultural excellence.

«We create new culture where there was none before»

Mario Martinoli

The Theresia Project

Theresia is a unique cultural and artistic project at European level.

Founded in 2012 at the instigation of a group of patrons, the Theresia Project promotes the active engagement of private citizens in the design and the implementation of large cultural projects. It meets the implicit but very present demand in our society for creating more culture.

The main expression of the Theresia Project is today the Theresia Orchestra, a large musical educational project promoting the professional development of young talents from Europe’s main academic music institutions. The orchestra provides its members with the opportunity to perform in prestigious venues and to deepen their knowledge in both the professional and artistic domains.

Entirely supported by ICONS, Theresia is the best expression of our philanthropic vision, aimed at creating new cultural spaces where everybody can give time and resources for building a more inclusive society.