Communication is the key enabler for a better understanding of innovation


We design and develop innovative solutions to communicate the results of research projects.

Our deep understanding of communication for research and society, acquired over the past decades, has enabled us to develop a full set of state-of-the-art products, processes and methodolgies that are now applied in many European research projects.

Our solutions bridge the gap between science and society, raising people’s awareness, empowering stakeholder relations and building consensus – all with the aim of fostering innovation.

«Invisible research is, by definition, low-impact»

Martyn Lawrence

What we do

Public Communication

We raise visibility on research results and reach out to new and multiple audiences:

  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Content development
  • Journalism
  • Media content distribution via and other content multipliers

Dissemination & Engagement

We design customized and targeted strategies to engage with key project stakeholders:

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Targeted content creation
  • Knowledge transfer tools
  • Networking and events
  • Capacity building

Impact Assessment

We measure the effectiveness of the communication and engagement strategies implemented:

  • Impact monitoring
  • Metrics development (Community Engagement Index, CEI)
  • Stakeholders’ perception

Explore the other areas

Relying on a strong know-how in multidisciplinary research and innovation fields, we transfer results and leading-edge innovation to society, through an integrated process that leverages on effective and focussed strategies developed in three areas