Theresia Orchestra’s steps towards sustainability

Press Release -

Celebrating Earth Day with a glimpse into the orchestra's carbon offsetting initiatives.

Today marks the celebration of Earth Day, the world’s largest environmental movement, now in its 54th anniversary year. On this occasion, Theresia Orchestra, the cultural philanthropy project supported and developed by ICONS, is showcasing its efforts in offsetting and reducing carbon emissions across its operations, residencies, tours, and travels. Through a partnership with Up2You, a specialized company that has collaborated with ICONS, Theresia Orchestra has implemented a tailored carbon offset and reduction project strategy, actively working to balance its carbon footprint.

The musicians are engaged in a compensation activity that mitigates their travel emissions by supporting environmental and social projects worldwide. The travel emissions for each member are meticulously calculated and offset by reforestation projects or technology-based initiatives globally, chosen by the musicians themselves in collaboration with the sustainability partner, Up2You.

There are four key projects involved in Theresia Orchestra’s compensation activities. Musicians have individually selected their preferred project to balance their emissions, involving renewable energy, reforestation, and the preservation of woodlands in four countries (China, Brazil, Uruguay, Indonesia). Thanks to these projects, a total of 74.44 tons of CO₂ have been captured.

Some notable numbers:

  • Theresia Orchestra’s emissions amounted to 40 tons of CO₂ in 2022
  • By 2023, this was reduced by an impressive 34 tons of CO₂

This reduction is equivalent to:

  • The distance a single passenger would cover on an airplane for 1,116,600 km
  • 1,489 round trips by car between Milan and Naples
  • 1,339,920 hours of music streaming

As part of the Theresia Academy – a key initiative of the Empower project – musicians are also involved in seminars on sustainable practices in the music industry, organised by ICONS. These courses aim to raise awareness of sustainability in the industry by providing practical tips and sharing best practices.

For more information, read the complete interview with Matteo Molteni, Sustainability Consultant at Up2You, available on the Theresia Orchestra blog.

For a deeper understanding of the unique difficulties traveling musicians encounter, read Ariel Walton’s fun report on travelling by train with a double bass on the Orchestra’s blog. Full article here.