Air4NRG Pioneers the Next Frontier for Renewable Energy Storage

Press Release -

The Air4NRG project, funded by the European Union, embarks on a transformative journey in the world of renewable energy storage.

With its recent launch, this novel initiative introduces an advanced isothermal air compression technology to enhance the standards of energy storage efficiency and sustainability. 

In the ever-evolving renewable energy landscape, the need for reliable and efficient storage solutions has become paramount. With the Air4NRG project, the European Union is addressing this need head-on, ensuring that the vast potential of renewable energy sources like wind and solar is fully harnessed and used. This project is not just about technological innovation; it is about securing a sustainable future where energy is stored and used in harmony with the environment.

At the heart of Air4NRG’s innovation is its 70% plus round-trip efficiency (RTE), a substantial improvement over existing technologies such as lithium batteries, which are limited by their environmental impact and short storage durations. This is achieved through a unique isothermal compression-expansion technology (I-CAES), which significantly reduces energy loss. The project will develop a versatile, container-sized prototype, demonstrating a ten-hour storage duration and superior robustness and safety.

“Europe’s renewable energy sector is calling for revolutionary ideas and steady commitment. Through the joint efforts of the Air4NRG team, we’re helping transform energy storage technology and contributing to a greener and more sustainable continent”,  stated Maria Laura Trifiletti, Project Coordinator.

Together, seven expert project partners are making this technology practical and compliant with regulations while promoting innovation and competitiveness in the European energy storage industry.

“ICONS is thrilled to be a part of Air4NG. We’re in charge of promoting the project and setting out innovative business models for it. The project’s solutions will help Europe’s energy storage industry get ahead and stay ahead at a time when society needs to move faster towards climate neutrality,” remarked Ani Asatryan, Project Management Officer.

With strong emphasis on circular economy principles and environmental sustainability, Air4NRG has the potential to revolutionise the whole approach to renewable energy storage. 

For further information on the project, contact Ani Asatryan, Project Management Officer.