Marina Suardi

Senior officer
Data analysis

Marina is a Business Intelligence expert with technical skills and data knowledge. After a degree in Statistics and Economics from Università Statale Milano, she started her career in this field, boasting 30 years of experience as a market analyst and data scientist. In the last 8 years, she founded and managed an innovative company specializing in providing strategic analyses. This includes directing communication, optimizing brand’s digital positioning, measuring demand, and scouting commercial opportunities. With a deep understanding of data collection methodologies and sources, Marina has developed new platforms for integrating diverse sources of unstructured data. As a consultant, she is capable of making sense of large sets of big data, visualizing results, and assisting in making better data-driven decisions. She possesses an overarching view of business processes and objectives, supporting companies in optimal data management. Additionally, she serves as a trainer to guide the transition towards the most up-to-date methods and tools for strategic data utilization. Marina joined ICONS in 2023 as Data analysis senior officer.