Camilla Mele

Project management officer

Camilla specializes in participatory planning, art therapy, team building, change management, sustainability, conflict mediation, interculture, creative training processes, diversity equity and inclusion, in the institutional, public and private/corporate fields.
She has conceived and coordinated numerous urban, environmental and social regeneration projects in various contexts at risk and peripheral or abandoned areas, through laboratories, events, workshops, communication products, educational/training/cultural paths of care, support and empowerment, with an approach multidisciplinary and complex cross-cultural/generational audiences.
She contributed to the foundation of the first Italian Arts Therapies Center for which you write, coordinate and manage research and development projects, both locally and internationally.
Camilla is a professional in the management of NGOs and third sector associations. She has written and managed humanitarian programs against poverty and for the support of populations affected by natural disasters and conflicts.
She collaborates with Politecnico di Milano as a senior advisor in the scientific committees of various national and European projects.
Camilla joined ICONS in 2023 as Project Management Officer.