Camilla Mele

Project management officer

After a degree in architecture, a master’s in environmental design and a doctorate in environmental quality technologies from the Politecnico di Milano, she became an art therapist at the four-year Art Therapy Italiana school in Bologna, affiliated to Goldsmith College, London. She specialises in participatory design, art therapy, team building, change management, sustainability, conflict mediation, interculturalism, creative learning processes, diversity equity & inclusion, in institutional, public and private/corporate settings.  She has designed and co-ordinated numerous urban, environmental and social regeneration projects in various vulnerable contexts and peripheral or abandoned areas through workshops, events, focus groups, forums, interviews, communication products, educational/training/cultural pathways of engagement, empowerment, support and care with a multidisciplinary approach and complex intercultural/intergenerational users. Her research has focused on environmental impact, social and economic sustainability performance indicators, participatory/co-design methodologies, social innovation and decision support systems through multi-criteria analysis. She has contributed to the creation of the first Italian Centre for Arts Therapies, for which, as a professional in the management of third sector associations, she writes, coordinates and manages research, development and humanitarian programmes to combat poverty and support populations affected by conflict and trauma. She has collaborated with the Politecnico di Milano as a senior consultant in the scientific committees of various national and European projects.
Camilla joined ICONS in 2023 as Project management officer.