S=Smart U=Upgraded asset-values and quality of life P=Public Private Partnership E=Extended Energy Efficiency R=Renewables triggered by the project SH=Social Housing I=Investment N=Net Zero E=European

Areas of expertise

Business Innovation
Science Communication
Social Innovation


Energy efficient buildings


European project



About the project

SUPERSHINE project will be based on the renovation of 3 pilot lighthouse districts focusing on the needs of the social housing inhabitants and focusing on social assets generating high social capital and cohesion.

The project’s lighthouse districts will be characterised by energy efficient buildings, low carbon mobility, smart grids, efficient water and waste management, all underpinned by responsive technologies that optimise resources while promoting wellbeing and sustainable lifestyles
The objectives and impacts of the SUPERSHINE project will assist and support the European Commission to implement the European Green Deal and it will support the EU Renovation Wave Strategy and will pioneer city districts working together