Robotics and artificial intelligence to transform O&M tasks in the energy sector

Press Release -

A new project – TALOS – will implement AI-enabled autonomous robotics solutions across various photovoltaic energy applications.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, where artificial intelligence has already been integrated into our daily routines, a new EU-funded project is poised to redefine human-robot and robot-robot interactions.

TALOS is set to transform the photovoltaic (PV) energy and agriculture sectors with advanced robotics solutions, automating the dangerous, dull, and dirty tasks that are carried out by humans in the operation and maintenance (O&M) tasks of PV plants.  

TALOS was officially launched in mid-October at EDP headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. EDP NEW leads the consortium, comprising 13 partners from 7 European countries with expertise in renewable energy, engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, electronics, social science and societal outreach and communication. The kick-off meeting featured several presentations on the TALOS proposed advances, a virtual visit to one of the TALOS demonstration pilots, and a business innovation workshop which identified the internal and external stakeholders involved in each pilot and the PV O&M activities where the human-robot interactions take place. 

Indeed, TALOS will develop robotics solutions designed specifically for 3 distinct PV energy scenarios: land-based, floating, and agriPV. Besides the proposed developments, additional robotic solutions will be achieved through an open call of 1.8M€ steered to challenge European SMEs and start-ups to develop innovative O&M solutions based on robotics, AI, and data management considering the 3 PV scenarios previously mentioned. 

“The TALOS kick-off meeting was a great success”, said Daniel Albuquerque, Project Coordinator, “Having all TALOS partners physically gathered in Lisbon revealed to be of the utmost importance in aligning everyone’s contribution to the project from its very beginning. During the meeting, fruitful technical discussions on the development of the TALOS autonomous robots have already taken place. All partners demonstrated a high commitment to the TALOS objectives and a clear eagerness to start working on this ambitious project.”

“Artificial intelligence is profoundly changing the way we organise our lives. And the cleverest use we can make of it is undoubtedly in enhancing environmental and workplace conditions across various sectors. TALOS has precise objectives and great potential in this challenge.” said Chiara Locuratolo, Project Management Officer for ICONS, “What we do at ICONS is to bring to the consortium our expertise in science communication, and in business and social innovation. This will guarantee that all stakeholders are aware, well-informed, and actively involved in this significant transformation, where the human-robot interactions will grow increasingly stronger.”

For further information on the project, contact Chiara Locuratolo, Project Management Officer.