NBSINFRA: Where nature meets resilience   

Press Release -

The EU-funded project – NBSINFRA – has been launched to help advance the nature-based solutions in protecting critical urban infrastructure against hazards, and creating resilient urban environments against the climate change.

NBSINFRA, is a new European project, set to work on advancing nature-based solutions for the protection of critical urban infrastructure against natural and human-caused hazards. By fostering innovation, community engagement, and sustainable practices, NBSINFRA strives to create resilient urban environments in the face of climate issues.

The consortium, led by Universidade do Minho in Portugal, is composed of experts in climate science, disaster risk management, infrastructure resilience, nature-based solutions, and adaptation measures. These experts, including the partner UNESCO, come from diverse backgrounds comprising academia, research, SMEs, local governments, and non-profits.

According to Elisabete Teixeira, project coordinator: “We are effectively evaluating nature-based solutions that respond to the needs of communities, with a view to achieving a more resilient society capable of overcoming the imminent challenges of extreme climate events and man-made hazards.”

NBSINFRA has selected five representative European regions with an equal number of “City Labs” in:

  • Aveiro, Portugal
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Ruse, Bulgaria
  • Fingal, Ireland
  • Cologne, Germany

The City Labs will assess the cost-effectiveness and social acceptability of nature-based solutions that will be citizen owned and co-created by end-users and managers and civil society, enhancing community empowerment. The City Labs are case studies, representing different local urban scenarios in Europe that encounter specific challenges.

One of the main outcomes of NBSINFRA will be the development of a comprehensive toolkit to enable various stakeholders, including local governments, infrastructure managers, and community members, to compare and select the most effective nature-based solutions for keeping critical urban infrastructure safe.

The project was launched in Guimarães, Portugal on 26 September and ICONS is responsible for project communication and business models. “I am delighted that ICONS has the opportunity to apply its expertise in NbS gained during the URBAN GreenUP project” remarks Alice De Ferrari, Project Management Officer at ICONS.

For further information on the project, contact Alice De Ferrari, Project Management Officer.