ICONS signs jointly with EFSA the Catalogue of Communication Tools and Dissemination Guidelines

Press Release -

The report, jointly authored by ICONS and EFSA in the context of a contract between the two organisations, is part of the four new reports published by EFSA providing technical information and best practice advices to help shape a future EU-wide food safety ‘General Plan for Risk Communication’.

The Transparency Regulation (2019/1381) introduced new provisions calling for an integrated framework for risk communication by EU food safety risk assessors and risk managers at Union and national level.

The European Commission is leading the implementation of the General Plan. The Commission asked EFSA to support its development by providing insights from social research and mapping existing risk communication structures and best practice by food safety authorities across the EU. The resulting package of four reports were developed jointly by EFSA, academic experts and partner organisations in the Member States.

In this scenario, ICONS worked together with EFSA at the implementation of the ‘Catalogue of Communication Tools and Dissemination Guidelines: benchmarking current practice in EU and Member State bodies’, a comprehensive benchmarking exercise on current best practices on communication tools and dissemination processes of EU Member State organisations plus Iceland and Norway, selected ENVI EU agencies (EFSA, EMA, ECHA, ECDC), and EU bodies (DG SANTE, JRC, EU COUN).

The exercise was carried out via an online survey, remote qualitative interviews, and a desk analysis of documents and web content. These current practices have been compiled into a catalogue of communication tools and a guide to their effective dissemination.

Both elements are designed to help inform the EC General Plan for Risk Communication (GPRC)and facilitate a coordinated communication framework at the EU and national level on matters relating to the food chain.

The report sets out a broad overview of the current tools that are commonly used, their intended communication purposes and target audiences. It also describes dissemination channels and methods to optimise outreach.

The work provides a solid platform for EU and Member State bodies to build on going forward, a living document that will evolve to meet fast‐changing information needs and the requirements of the future GPRC.

Here for more information and download the report.