Diversity & Inclusion: ICONS publishes its Gender Equality Plan

Press Release -

The document showcases activities and policies aimed at ensuring equal opportunities within the organisation.

Putting people at the centre of and, therefore, being an equal opportunities employer is one of the guiding values of ICONS. The organisation is committed to promote a sense of community, trust and mutual appreciation within the team, offering equal opportunities to all its members, regardless of gender, while ensuring a good balance.

In this scenario, ICONS drafted its Gender Equality Plan presenting the actions undertaken and that will be implemented by the organization to guarantee gender equality policies under 4 themes:

  • Gender equality in recruitment, wages and work processes
  • Work-life balance, parenthood and organisational culture
  • Training activities to promote gender equality
  • Measures against gender-based violence

The document has twofold objective: on the one hand, to showcase planning and design actions to give continuity and coherence to policies that guide the organisation, while, on the other hand, to explore the implementation of further policies and actions. 

The Gender Equality Plan will be enforced over the three coming years (2022-2025). During this period, it will be adapted in its content to match societal changes.

The document can be consulted on the group’s website.