ICONS publishes its ‘Code of Ethics’

Press Release -

ICONS informs that its ‘Code of Ethics’ is available: the document reports on the general principles (transparency, valorization of human capital and innovation) which inspire the performance and conduction of business, the objectives and values on which the organization is based.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs have been significant in defining ICONS’s ‘Code of Ethics’. These objectives will be a guide for the international community and for the organization itself to outline its strategy of action and its local and international activities.

By releasing the Code of Ethics, ICONS indicates that its two legal entities – Fondazione ICONS and ICONS srl – uphold the values and principles set out in it, and that the organisation as a whole believes in ethical business practices as a way to success. 

All members of ICONS – directors, employees and collaborators – must abide by the principles and lines of conduct set out in the ‘Code of Ethics’. This also applies to collaboration with stakeholders where correctness, integrity and fairness play key roles, in compliance with contractual commitments. 

The document is available for all ICONS’s internal and external stakeholders and can be consulted on the group’s website. ICONS will announce the code’s entry into force and any subsequent amendments through official channels (email, website, social media) and internal ones (monthly digest, training, information updates etc.). New employees and collaborators will be informed about the ‘Code of Ethics’. Updated versions will be provided whenever amendments or updates arise.