Better energy modelling tools for a green energy system

Press Release -

The new European project Mopo will develop an advanced and user-friendly energy system modelling toolset.

The energy landscape is in rapid transition and it is crucial to keep up with emerging technologies and changing systems. Society needs tools that can capture the changes while enabling cost-effective, sustainable and reliable energy systems to be planned.

Building on the legacy of the European project Spine, Mopo will further develop and refine a set of tools for workflow management, energy system modelling and data processing.

The goal is to provide decision-makers with effective, high-performance and modular tools to facilitate energy modelling within the energy, the transport and other sectors. As the coordinator, Juha Kiviluoma from VTT, says: “This project is a great opportunity for us to complete the work we started in the Spine project, and offers the European network operators, energy companies and public decision-makers an open-source toolset that both meets their high standards, and goes beyond what’s currently available.

Feedback from users is essential in this project to make sure that the end-users are satisfied with the functionalities implemented. This will be key to making a difference within the energy sector” says Chiara Serio, Communication and Dissemination Manager at ICONS. She adds: “ICONS will work in close collaboration with the other partners to build a community which is pivotal to making these open-source tools thrive.

This project will therefore be a turning point for researchers, practitioners and policymakers to use faster tools and make better decisions for more cost-effective and environmental-friendly energy systems.

Mopo started in January 2023 and will go on until December 2026 with the collaboration of 14 partners from 7 countries.


For further information on the project, contact Chiara Serio – Communication Manager.