Agro2Circular: a new EU funded project for ICONS

Press Release -

Agro2Circular is the new EU funded project for which ICONS is responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.

Agro2Circular will develop the first recycling value chain for post-industrial multilayer films based on a synergistic approach.

The project has the objective to combine innovative sorting, physical delamination, enzymatic depolymerisation, decontamination and mechanical recycling. To address a lack of digitalisation in the agri-food sector, Agro2Circular will employ a Data Integration System as a digital tool to ensure traceability and as a predictive decision tool.

Agro2Circular project is focused on the implementation of the first territorial systemic solution for the upcycling of most relevant residues in the agrifood sector (fruits& vegetables and plastic multilayers) into high added value products, powered by a digital tool and constructed upon a systemic approach with high replicable/scalable potential. Through this solution, A2C will face important industrial, economic & social challenges in the agrifood sector, such as multilayer plastic films widely used as industrial packaging for the protection of food and lack of digitalisation in the agrifood sector.