Past event
25-29 May 2024

Chiara Fonio, Head of Social Innovation, will attend ISCRAM 2024 conference and co-chair the Project Research Symposium on ‘Fostering Collaboration: Bridging Academia and Practice through Ongoing Projects and Opportunities for Future Research’.

The Symposium is designed to foster interactions between academia and practitioners by showcasing funded research projects, both ongoing and completed, encouraging discussions about future research ideas and finding synergies.

ISCRAM 2024 will be held in Münster, Germany, from 25 to 29 May 2024. This year’s conference theme takes a process-centric view on crisis management: “Embracing the Crisis Management Lifecycle”. The theme emphasizes a holistic and integrated process view of crisis management to overcome isolated considerations of crisis management lifecycle phases and showcase how important well-structured and clearly defined roles, tasks and processes are to support communication and collaboration between involved actors.

Symposium overview

Scheduled on Tuesday 28 May, the symposium is the perfect platform to bridge the gap between theory and practice, sparking collaborations that drive innovation in crisis and emergency management.

The symposium will be co-chaired by:

  • Dr. Chiara Fonio, Head of Social Innovation, ICONS Innovation Strategies
  • Dr. Alexander Rösner, Project Coordinator, ForAn/Federal Agency for Technical Relief
  • Dr. Monika Rode, State Fire Service Institute North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Dr. Adam Widera, Crisis Management Competence Centre (C3M)

Projects Symposium Projects

For further information on the Conference and the Symposium, please visit https://iscram2024.ercis.org/