DriVe2X at the International Conference on European Energy Markets (EEM)

Past event
08 Jun 2023, 09:00-13:00
Auditorium 1318 - Campuses of LUT University
Lappeenranta, Finland

How will the EV charging landscape look like in 2050? What will be the role of bidirectional charging technologies? And how will the mobile citizens interact in the future electric mobility ecosystem?

On Thursday 8th of June, DriVe2X’s workshop ‘The cross-sectoral role of bidirectional EV charging in European smart cities: A snapshot into 2050‘ will reply to these questions gathering electricity markets and mobility experts from Industry and Academia, as well as Civil Society representatives to discuss cross-sectoral visions of a better future centered on clean mobility.

Giuliana Folco, Director at ICONS, and Claudia Crippa, Senior business analyst at ICONS, will moderate the talk focusing on co-design of cross-sectoral visions on ‘The role of advanced smart charging in European smart cities for 2050’.

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