Cities of the Future: Strategies to Engage Citizens in Reshaping Modern Cities through Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions

Past event
13 Jul 2022, 09:00-10:30
Webinar @ESOF2022 Leiden
Online room 2

How to involve citizens in encouraging the uptake of sustainable mobility solutions? 

To answer this, European projects will share concrete insights and best practices for engaging better with people and users. The workshop will highlight the need for projects to involve citizens before going ahead with solutions. ICONS will show how social media can help in this respect.

The session:

  • Charlotte Smit-Rietveld, TNO Energy Transition 

TNO is the independent organisation for applied research. The organisation connects people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably enhance the competitiveness of companies and the well-being of society. 

TNO will present insights on the factors of adoption for EV in the Netherlands, from the research held by TNO Energy Transition and the ministry, with the aim to understand which factors influence the purchase of a new electric vehicle. The research has been held in order to find out what drives people to buy an electric vehicle, and for the ministry to create a livable environment and reach climate agreements. Knowing how to steer in this and motivate by effective policy measures, is very worthful in stimulating the energy transition.

  • Marcello Bardellini, ICONS

ICONS is a leading organisation in science communication, social and business innovation. The organisation designs strategies to create and measure new impacts of scientific research on society, bringing European citizens closer to research results and innovation.

ICONS will show how science communication plays a key role in citizen engagement. The focus will be on the results of the social media campaign #WeMoveSmart which was designed by Smart Cities projects to share smart and sustainable mobility solutions.

  • Elena Garcia Jiménez, ETRA

ETRA is a leading Industrial Group which constitutes a Smart City Center of Excellence within ACS Corporation.

MAtchUP project involves three lighthouse cities and four follower cities to reshape their social, economic and environmental models and to promote social inclusion, livability and prosperity for the citizens.

MAtchUP will present a solution used in Valencia (Spain) to help car park managers to optimiseparking spaces and drivers to find designated parking spaces for Electric Vehicles. This reducescongestion and emissions, thus improving liveability

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