Jardel Sestrem

Social innovation

Jardel holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Vale do Itajaí (Brazil) and a master’s degree in the same field from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso (Chile). Currently, he is finalising a master’s degree in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento, Italy. Prior to joining ICONS, Jardel served as a senior business analyst in a global company specialised in conducting market research for large multinational clients. He has experience in providing global clients with insights on foreign markets, consumer landscape, competitive environment, industry supply chains, assessment of foreign laws, regulations and socio-political factors and their potential impact on company goals. He has experience in research design, including project management, and extensive experience in secondary and primary research. As a social analyst at ICONS, he works on research and exploitation activities of EU-funded projects, covering socio-economic aspects and business process impact of innovation across EU sectors.